Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Results and Divisional Predictions

I correctly picked two upsets, but failed to get the hat trick. In my defense, who knew the Cardinals could score like that? Here's the rundown for this weekend's Wild Card games, and my picks for next weekend's Divisional games.

Jets 24, Bengals 14
There are a lot of good young QBs in the league right now, and Mark Sanchez is one of them. Granted, he got a lot of help from the running game and his team's defense, but he made the throws when they counted.

Cowboys 34, Eagles 14
And the Cowboys finally win a playoff game. Does that mean Wade Phillips gets to keep his job? Or only if they win the Super Bowl? We shall see.

Ravens 33, Patriots 14
Suck on that, Brady! Suck on that, Belichick! This game was actually over by the midpoint of the first quarter, but I enjoyed every damn minute of it.

Cardinals 51, Packers 45
The highest scoring playoff game ever goes to the Cardinals on a strip-sack fumble in OT. Heartbreaking for Packer fans, but damn if it wasn't an entertaining game.

2009 Playoff Prediction Record: 3-1

Now on to next week's games.


4 Arizona Cardinals at 1 New Orleans Saints
This one has the potential to break the highest scoring playoff record again just one week later. The Cardinals may get Anquan Boldin back, but the Saints have Drew Brees. End of season slump aside, the Saints are good. Plus, the Cardinals clearly don't have the defense to stop them, especially in the Superdome. Saints win a barn-burner.

3 Dallas Cowboys at 2 Minnesota Vikings
Can Dallas win another playoff game? Can Favre keep his hopes of another Super Bowl alive? I'm tempted to pick the Cowboys in this one because I think they're the better team (especially right now), but I like Favre too much to pick against him. Plus, if All Day gets going, look out. Vikings win.


6 Baltimore Ravens at 1 Indianapolis Colts
Goddamn is the Ravens defense tough. Their offense, though, is piss poor. On the other side of the field you've got Number 18 and his seemingly endless pool of quality receivers, and a young, fast defense. I could agonize about this pick, but I won't. Colts squeak one out.

5 New York Jets at 2 San Diego Chargers
The safe money pick here is the Chargers. They have a good QB, a decent (if declining) RB, and a couple of good receivers. The Jets just have the number 1 defense and the number 1 running game in the league. I'm going with the Jets in another upset.

Check back next week for results and more predictions.

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